About Us.


Zash Ventures itself may be young but our passionate foundation team have been working together on this journey of solving the foundation capital problem for investors and entrepreneurs for years.

We have dedicated ourselves to playing an important role in the Australian and APAC early-stage venture ecosystems, to help build high value globally focused companies that want to grow fast.

We are one of the first globally to build Foundation Capital Firms that bring a professional investment management approach to seed and early stage venture funding in the same way that Venture Capital and Private Equity firms professionally manage later stage companies.

With this new journey there are many opportunities for like-minded people to be part of this movement that is driven to lead the smart economy. Whilst we can’t do it alone, we can certainly do it together.

Whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, or a domain expert, reach out today, we’d love to hear from you.

Why Zash?

The Problem

The current startup ecosystem is fragmented.

Prior to reaching rounds for venture capital and private equity investment, startup ventures currently exist in a marketplace that fails to achieve optimal results for both investors and entrepreneurs with limited access to available investment funds.

Our Guiding Outcome

We provide an integrated, sophisticated foundation capital platform with a pathway that bridges the market gap in order to fast-track business success, resulting in greater investor returns and entrepreneurial wealth.

Our Team.

What creates the magic with Zash is our people and their dedication to providing a breakthrough platform to the foundation capital marketplace. We passionately work together with entrepreneurs to build world class businesses and with investors to optimise their investment returns in this emerging asset class.

Peter Terrill
Peter Terrill

Managing Partner & Director

Cameron Bell
Cameron Bell

Founding Partner & Director

Jordan Terrill
Jordan Terrill

Commercial Analyst

Elisa Nuich
Elisa Nuich

Creative Director

Jacqui Bloom
Jacqui Bloom

Director, Shepreneur

David Paolucci
David Paolucci

Ventures Development Manager

Regan Lei
Regan Lei

Ventures Development Manager

Jay Pancholi
Jay Pancholi

Full Stack Developer

Our Meta Vision.

Think big, grow fast.

These 7 clear objectives make up our meta vision to be achieved by the end of 2024:

  1. Be recognised as a global industry market leader.
  2. Establish 20 Zash Capital firms locally and globally.
  3. Build a global capital pool of AUS$500 Million.
  4. Develop our technology platform as a market leader with 200,000+ users globally.
  5. Develop a multi-fund platform with an extensive global network of capital providers and referral partners to leverage further capital rounds.
  6. Zash Labs will incubate a significant portfolio of high value companies.
  7. Urban Equity will establish a AUS$400 Million pipeline of projects completed and under development in Australia.

We Believe.

  • We create a greater future today in every moment with our thoughts and actions.
  • Someone with a powerful dream can create a greater future for many.
  • When great ideas, talent and capital come together, magic happens. 
  • One idea, opportunity or connection can change everything.
  • The greatest of companies and fortunes always start somewhere. 
  • We foster a meritocracy where great ideas happen, brilliant talent is recognised, and high value deals get done. 
  • Success leaves clues, we continually search for these insights. 
  • If you are going to be thinking, think big. 
  • Every problem has a solution. 
  • The bigger the problem you solve, the greater the value you create. 
  • We are dedicated to making a difference and leaving a positive footprint on our journey.
  • In the words of Walt Disney, “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

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