Integrated Capital Runway.

The Zash model blends angel investing with a Venture Capital firm approach that combines capital raising, management, and professional advisory services to streamline the pathway for success. Our ethos is that every venture should be deeply supported at all stages of the business journey, in turn augmenting the long-term goals and wealth of all stakeholders involved.

Zash enables investors to be part of a lasting legacy by funding great entrepreneurs and ventures. By investing their funds at multiple stages over the lifecycle of a business’s growth, through the integrated capital pathway, we can facilitate the accelerated growth and success of high performing ventures. This unique approach empowers all stakeholders to achieve high value exits.

Capital Stages.

Startup Beginning

When a founder makes the decision to pursue an idea or business opportunity, they first look to people around them for support in getting their dream off the ground. Family and friends are typically the first investors in their idea.

Early Stage Venture Capital

At Zash this is the stage we focus on.

Once the business has been launched, generally venture capital is needed to scale quickly, capture market share and further validate the offering. We provide cheques from $100K to runways of $2 Million between Seed stage through to Series A. We strive to continuously engage with our venture portfolio to build the best company and brand possible through our advisory services and education programs.

Growth Capital - Venture Capital & Private Equity

Once the company starts to achieve scale, usually through global expansion, it requires greater levels of funding which is typically where later stage venture capital firms and private equity come into play. Using our extensive network, we find the best fit for our ventures to facilitate and raise the next capital round, typically anywhere from $2 million-$50 million and beyond.

High-Value Exit

Over time, founders and or investors will have the opportunity to exit their shareholding in the company through varied options including: an IPO, trade sale, private equity sale, a strategic partial or full sale, or merging with another company.

What we look for in High-Value Exits
  • $100m – $1bn exit value opportunity
  • Founders with demonstrated history of success
  • Multiple channels to market
  • Ability to scale globally
  • Potential all weather businesses
  • Clear high value investment exits

The next steps

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