Early Stage Venture Capital is the second stage of venture funding after Angel Investment that is critical to growing smart economies. However, the problem up until now is there has been no viable solution and current players such as angel groups or Later Stage Venture Capital Firms are failing to provide this essential funding. Our solution and go- to-market strategy is the building of Next Gen Venture firms throughout the advanced economies of the world.

Zash Ventures has developed a unique professional services firm methodology designed specifically for the early stage capital stage. It combines capital and investment frameworks like the ones used by venture capital and private equity firms, with a ventures advisory offering of products and services designed to complement and develop ventures’ investment ready and business scaling requirements, resulting in a more compelling and lower risk investment opportunity.

Just as importantly it allows the firms to be strong viable businesses in their own right that will attract top talent to work with seed through to Series A investments.

How they are Structured.

The growth of the Zash ecosystem is tied to the growth and success of our Ventures Firms. Like all businesses and professional services firms starting from a zero base, the challenge is “how do we get started?” to build massive momentum and then achieve its full potential.

Like all things we do at Zash, we start with the end in mind. The below diagram is an illustration of what we aspire to achieve when beginning the journey in building a firm. Once over time all of these outcomes are achieved, and individuals are enlisted to the vision of creating the solution to the early stage venture capital problem in the city or region it operates in, you have a profitable and valuable firm.

Based on our modelling and experience a firm of this size achieving its KPI’s will deliver a gross profit of $1.5-$2.5 million p.a. and an annual carried position potential of $3-$8 million (over an investment term of 5-7 years) in its overall portfolio of both Zash Lab and external ventures.

These are just some of the features and benefits of a Zash Ventures Firm:

  • A “plug and play” business model that can take the Founding Partners from a zero base to building a significant capital pool and deal flow of high value business opportunities.
  • Each firm will be part of a national/global network and support structure In building the firm it has a clearly defined partnership model that enables the attraction of exceptional talent to build the business.
  • Can “bolt on” Zash Labs methodology to create high value business opportunities
  • Can be built under Zash or an existing platform/operation can reposition itself under Zash.
  • Build a business of significant value and influence in your city/region.

Why Capital Firms?

The Opportunity

Provide an integrated, sophisticated Venture Firm platform that fills the gap in the market to fast-track business success resulting in greater investor returns and entrepreneurial wealth.

Locations we are looking to start firms

To build Early Stage Venture Firms based on the Zash methodology in major cities through the world where there is a desire to build a strong startup and scale up ecosystems.
Locations we are looking to start firms

Steps to Building a Firm.

What creates the magic with Zash is our people and their dedication to providing a breakthrough platform to the early stage venture capital marketplace. We are passionate in working with Entrepreneurs to build world class businesses and with Invest.


Establish the initial core team of the firm, which can be 1 Partner and 2-3 Associates in your foundation team. This foundation team can start in a co-working space while looking for your permanent home.


Conduct a campaign to enlist the first 20 foundation investors to the firm which helps fund the initial phase and also provides the nexus to then attract the next round of investors to the ecosystem.


Begin to build your deal flow of startup/scale up venture investment opportunities and venture advisory work with these companies.


Around the same time as steps 2 & 3, set up the firm funds such as an ESVCLP, sidecar, sector or property fund together with the appropriate licensing. As part of this the firm needs to assemble an investment committee both of external and internal members to assess the deal flow and recommendations to the funds.


To go to next level of capability requires further recruiting in the form of other Partners, further Associates and both the Venture Advisory and Zash Lab teams plus support staff to run the overall operation. This then allows the delivery of more professional/venture incubation services and an exceptional customer experience. At this stage we would then need to consider the firm taking its own corporate offices to house its operations.


By building the teams capacity to attract more investors and venture clients results in the continual building of the investor base/capital pools and those companies requiring funding.


Once the Investor community is being built a new role emerges which is the Lead Investor opportunity where these individuals form part of the Investor Community and provide support services and mentoring to their investor subgroup.

Our Global Vision.

The seed and early stage venture capital problem in Australia is similar in other parts of the world.

This is our opportunity to set up firms in other cities and regions based on our platform.

These are some of the cities and regions we plan to set up Zash Venture Firm.


Our Firm Career

Explore the opportunities in our ecosystem to be part of building great companies that can change our world.

At Zash we are about creating passionate workplaces where you can optimise your potential while working on inspiring breakthrough ideas and businesses that you will find to be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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