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Zash Labs is a venture creator that builds several high value startups in succession with the purpose of getting the idea and founding team to the point of being market ready. This approach known as “parallel entrepreneurship” is a proven methodology designed to achieve results fast, efficiently and deliver the greatest return whilst minimising risk on seed funds.

It starts with a disruptive idea or product that addresses a big global problem and substantial market opportunity. Then building a working MVP (minimum viable product) where we can test assumptions and validate the market need.

Our in-house team develop these MVP’s together with industry-relevant talent and thought leaders with the guiding outcome of getting to a stage of either giving it a “yes let’s take it to market” or “no it was a good idea however it doesn’t meet our launch and investment criteria”.

If it is a “yes” we then:

Attract entrepreneurs to come onboard to launch and build the market-tested idea. Some of the Lab/project team can also choose to join the founding team.

Provide a funding runway designed around clearly defined milestones which based on results trigger each new round of growth capital.

With the help of Zash Ventures Advisory, get the opportunity investment and capital raise ready together with all the structures, components and collateral required for capital raising and accelerated growth.

Support this portfolio company on an ongoing basis through the Zash ecosystem which provides:

  • Ongoing platform/product/systems design to evolve the company into a world-class offering
  • Top-level ventures mentorship and advice
  • High value connections through the Zash network
  • Inspiration and empowerment through entrepreneurial education and resources so that the team can become the talent who can execute on the company’s meta vision
  • Ongoing relationships with other cohort and portfolio companies that take the loneliness out of the Entrepreneurial journey for these business builders

What We Do

Zash Labs identifies emerging game changing ideas and businesses with big potential. Starting with incubation, we then fund them, accelerate their development and unleash their value as they take the journey from an idea to ultimately a global, high value company.

Zash Labs Fund

The funding for the Zash Labs start-ups comes from the Zash Labs Fund and is loaned to the startup venture. The loan is then repaid from the Milestone 2 capital raising.

We allocate $300K-$500K to launch the venture from an idea through to a market ready company with its foundation team in place.

When the company progresses to the next stage the capital is then recycled back into funding the next cohort of Zash Labs ventures.

Where Zash Labs fits in the market.

Zash Labs is a composite framework that incorporates many aspects that happen to the building of companies from start-up through to scale up. The below diagram describes more fully all the features of Zash Labs and how it differs from other activities and options currently available.

Current Market Ventures Innovation Options Comparisons

Elements Zash Labs Organic Startup Corporate Innovation Incubator Accelerator
Inhouse Lab team Yes No In some cases In some cases In some cases
Idea incubation capability Yes Most just founding team some Yes Some
Fast growth Venture blueprint Yes Highly unlikely No Some Yes
Business acumen & experience Yes In most cases limited Yes Some Some
Domain expertise Currently in 5 sectors Current sector Current sector Some Some
Inhouse capital team Yes No Highly unlikely Highly unlikely Some
Integrated capital runway Yes No No No No
Investment ready capability Very high Generally no Generally no Generally no Generally no
In-house tech capability By Milestone 2 very strong Possibly only in what they do Possibly only in what they do Not likely Not likely
Connectivity Very high Some Some Some Some
Talent flow and reach Very high Some Limited Limited Limited


Our Lab

Explore the opportunities in our ecosystem to be part of building great companies that can change our world.

At Zash we are about creating passionate workplaces where you can optimise your potential while working on inspiring breakthrough ideas and businesses that you will find to be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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