Venture Rockstars

This multi media platform is driven to deliver information, resources and programs that are designed to create greater personal, business and wealth success.

Key Features of Technology Platform

  • Major course site providing a wide range of wealth and success courses.
  • Both virtual and real world events
  • Extensive digital media on all these topics
  • Access to wealth and success mentors
  • Learning and empowerment resources
  • Access to global like minded community

Revenue Streams for Venture Rockstar

  • Membership subscriptions
  • Wealth Masterclass learning and event products
  • Promotion and sale of other educator products and courses
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Cross marketing of the Zash, Veztr, Peakshape and Venture Rockstar platforms.
Open Project

Market overviewThe need for fast growth business education and learning/empowerment resources is a global marketplace of aspirational entrepreneurs, investors and business talent.

  • Industry

    Business media and growth programs

  • Stage


  • Investment Type

    Zash Labs fund

  • Amount being Raised

    Zash funds is raising $1 Million in 10 lots of $100K

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