Wealth Masterclass

Whole of life learning is a major need in todays world and as a result of Covid19 is even more critical as education results in empowerment and greater life success.

Wealth Masterclass is a digital media platform that offers online courses and access to the world’s leading wealth and success educators, thought leaders and wealth creators.

Key Features of Technology Platform

  • Major course site providing a wide range of wealth and success courses.
  • Both virtual and real world events
  • Extensive digital media on all these topics
  • Access to wealth and success mentors
  • Learning and empowerment resources
  • Access to global like minded community

Revenue Streams for Wealth Masterclass

  • Membership subscriptions
  • Wealth Masterclass learning and event products
  • Promotion and sale of other educator products and courses
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Cross marketing of the Zash, Veztr, Peakshape and Venture Rockstar platforms.
Open Project

Market OverviewThe aspirational wealth and success creation space is a significant and growing market globally. WM will be targeting individuals wanting to learn how to over time become a High Net Worth (HNW) who leads the lifestyle the they desire.These people maybe at the start of their journey or those who are well on their way and are looking for the insights, strategies and opportunities to go to the next level.

  • Industry

    Online education and digital media

  • Stage


  • Investment Type

    Zash Labs fund

  • Amount being Raised

    Zash funds is raising $1 Million in 10 lots of $100K

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