Scale up.

Scale up programs.

These programs are designed for companies and entrepreneurs that have revenue and gained traction in building their business. They have validated their business premise and are operational and are at their next stage of growth. They may have taken capital in at this point, some will have also bootstrapped and funded the startup stage themselves.

Those considering participating in the scale programs will have made the decision that to achieve their business vision requires capital in addition to organic growth. Potential clients for these offerings can be either companies wanting Zash to raise their capital on completion of the investment ready stage, or they maybe have other sources of capital however know they need to be more formed up and structured to be able to take in the funds on their terms.

The work we do through the scale programs adds significant value to our clients and their business resulting in significant returns on their investment.

Scale Fast

This entry level program will get the business leaders and their team to define their key needs for raising capital, scope what needs to be done to become capital ready, and options and terms for raising their scale and growth capital. If they decide that they are committed to a capital raising campaign then they will progress to the investment ready stage.

From Zash’s viewpoint there are 3 end outcomes that come out of this being;

  1. We will decide to become a lead investor in their raise and will drive the campaign,
  2. If we think it’s a good opportunity however we pass on participating but at the same time we open it up to our investor community.
  3. If we decide it’s a company that doesn’t meet the previous two options we will then provide them a strategy to then go out and run a campaign in their own right.

As part of this stage we will provide a full proposal on the terms and strategy on how we will work with them moving into the future.

Program Elements:

  • Ventures discovery and scale fast strategy
  • Scale integrated capital runway session
  • Meta vision for scale success
  • Scale fast strategies & structures
  • Capital table review and modelling
  • Funding runway and offer options Intro
  • Campaign design intro
  • Entrepreneur wealth/end game session
  • 2 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions

Program Investment
$7,750 + GST
Investment Ready

This next level program starts with getting the business leaders their team to define their key needs for growth capital together with the strategies for success. In most cases because of their stage on the journey this requires more work than the Gamechanger stage to get the company investment ready.

In most cases when we do this work it’s because we are committed to undertaking the journey with the company and its team and for it to be a Zash portfolio company.

This ensures that by being a shareholder we are incentivised through a carried position to successfully achieve the business meta vision and realise a high value exit whereby all stakeholders being the entrepreneur and their team, our investors and also the Zash firms, achieve their wealth creation objectives.

Program Elements:

  • Finalise meta vision & build storyline
  • Business structuring for raising
  • Workshop and define all the scale strategies available to the company
  • Exit options modelling & Entrepreneur wealth/success outcomes alignment
  • Conclude on offer structure
  • Build and produce information memorandum, raise collateral, investment applications and documentation.
  • Capital raise campaign design

Program Investment
$37,750 + GST

Reimbursed from the capital raised

The next steps

Book a ventures discovery

This initial no cost/no obligation one-hour Investor or Entrepreneurs discovery meeting provides powerful insights and strategies on how to optimise your investment or business success.

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