Gamechanger series for Startups.

These programs are designed for early-stage companies and for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their start-up journey. Developed on a premise that they need to achieve breakthrough results fast they take participants on a structured pathway with a particular emphasis on optimising the business value and getting it ready so they can raise capital to realise their business dreams.

Fast Start

This entry level program will get the entrepreneur to an understanding of what their key outcomes are for raising capital, what needs to be in place to attract the capital they require and the types of offers they can take to the market. If they decide that they are committed to a capital raise campaign, then they can progress to the investment ready stage.

From Zash’s viewpoint there are 3 end outcomes that come out of this when working with our clients;

  1. We will decide to become a lead investor in their raise and will drive the campaign,
  2. the second we think it’s a good opportunity however we pass on participating at the same time we open it up to our investor community
  3. Finally, if it’s a company that doesn’t meet the previous two options then we will then provide them a strategy to run a campaign in their own right.

Program Elements:

  • Finalise meta vision & build storyline
  • Business structuring for raising
  • Exit options modelling & entrepreneur wealth/success outcomes alignment
  • Establish the advisory team
  • Conclude on offer structure
  • Build and produce information memorandum, raise collateral, investment applications and documentation
  • Capital raise campaign design

Program Investment
$3,750 + GST
Gamechanger - Investment Ready

Once the fast start has been completed participants can choose to progress to the next phase that will provide the essential foundations to go to market and raise their growth/foundation capital.

By going through the program we find it unleashes the entrepreneur’s imagination to what is possible and gives them the blueprint to build the business of their dreams. Together with providing all of the structures needed we offer design services with a focus on optimising their success in capital attraction, then address all the documentation including the production of an IM, investment documentation and the compliance needs that’s required to take in capital.

This phase can take at best 4 weeks to in most cases 6-10 weeks.

Program Elements:

  • Ventures discovery and fast start strategy
  • Intro to integrated capital runway
  • Meta vision first
  • Fast scale strategies & structures
  • Capital table modelling
  • Funding runway and offer options intro
  • Campaign design intro
  • Entrepreneur wealth/end game session
  • 2 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions

Program Investment
$27,750 + GST

Reimbursed from the capital raised

Gamechanger - Cohort

The Gamechanger Cohort is the entry program and a feeder to the Gamechanger fund. Designed as a composite model with the attributes of an incubator/accelerator, yet with a clear focus on building the investment opportunity, installing value and leverage creators, developing their venture success blueprint and taking a deep dive into the entrepreneur mindset for peak performance.

Held over 90 days, the outcome of the program is to be able to harvest the best opportunities and talent to then offer them a capital runway through the Gamechanger Fund. If successful they then join our next season portfolio where they will receive $500k to $2 million in funding based on the milestones determined in the program.

Applications for the cohort will require entrants to complete the pre-program induction and submission to ensure the best ideas and talent get the opportunity to be part of this business and life-changing experience and to compete for the funding spots in the fund.

Apply for the next Game Changer Cohort

Program Elements:

  • Cohort program-based offer that will enable successful participants to get funded
  • Completing the program will give participants a greater change of business success and a powerful business
  • At the end they will become investment ready, optimised their business further
  • Will have experienced a deep dive into the Entrepreneur mindset required for massive success.

Program Investment
$27,750 + GST

Refunded to successful participants

The next steps

Book a ventures discovery

This initial no cost/no obligation one-hour Investor or Entrepreneurs discovery meeting provides powerful insights and strategies on how to optimise your investment or business success.

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