Ventures funding.


Attracting the right capital at the right time is a key to success for a fast scale business. At Zash we specialise in working with startups and scale ups requiring funding from $100K cheques as an investment in a round through to funding runways of up to $2 Million.

We work with our clients as Advisors, capital raisers and in many cases as their lead investor taking first position in a round or runway.

Our in-house team together with other domain experts where required can work with you on building the strategies, investment collateral and campaigns designed specifically to your capital raise needs.

These are just some of our foundation capital services;

  • Investment ready
  • Meta Vision and strategy
  • Global business ready
  • Funding runway modelling
  • Capital raise campaign design
  • Business exit modelling
  • Board and Advisory board building
  • Employee share schemes
  • Founder breakthrough programs
  • Entrepreneur wealth creation strategies
  • Capital raising campaign management

Next steps.

At Zash we are all about designing and implementing foundation capital runways that can deliver fast growth results. To achieve this we have the following pathway designed to understand your business, its capital needs and then provide recommendations how we can help you take your company to the next level.

To discover more these are the steps;

  1. Book a ventures discovery meeting
  2. From this meeting we can determine if and how we can help you with your funding needs. If we believe we can successfully help you get investment ready and raise your funding we will prepare an engagement proposal.
  3. At the next meeting we present this engagement proposal and on the basis you to feel that we can be a growth partner for you, then you will engage us.
  4. We start working together to attract the right funding so you can scale for success.

The next steps

Book a ventures discovery

This initial no cost/no obligation one-hour Investor or Entrepreneurs discovery meeting provides powerful insights and strategies on how to optimise your investment or business success.

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