Invest in hundreds of companies through Zash with a single investment.

Zash Ventures Partners and invests with early-stage companies while using the leverage of our networks to help them scale. Now, you can invest along with us and get exposure to hundreds of high quality deals with a single investment.*

*Suitable for wholesale and sophisticated investors

The next steps in being part of the Zash Investor community and ecosystem are;

  1. Venture Investors discovery –
  2. Select your VIP membership option
  3. Attend fast start workshop
  4. Develop your Venture Investment plan
  5. Select investment 1
  6. Continue to develop your investment capability
  7. Continually build your portfolio

Our Approach.

At Zash we recognise that there are many different investor profiles of both individual and professional venture investors and as such we have developed a range of Venture Investor Programs (VIP) designed to achieve their respective investment and portfolio outcomes.

We have 6 VIP’s that provide pathways for those people who have just made the decision they want to be part of this growing and exciting sector through to institutional investors who have mandates to invest part of their overall funds platform into this asset class. The first step in exploring how Zash can support you is answering the following question and then to start discovering further the VIP options for you and your investment strategy.

What type of investor are you?


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