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Why Venture Investors?

Shaping the world through investing in the next big thing.

In 1998, two young entrepreneurs pitched their big idea to well-known Silicon Valley lead and angel investor, Andy Bechtolsheim, who became their first seed investor with AUD $100,000. Andy’s foresight and investment helped change the world because Google has improved our lives in countless ways. Andy’s investment today is worth over US$2 Billion.

Venture investors are shaping our world through their seed to growth capital investments, guidance of aspiring entrepreneurs, and providing connections. Without them, we wouldn’t have many of the things we take for granted today. In essence, they are essential to the world’s economic success, yet in our view they are the unsung heroes.

In the past, start-up and business growth investment was an “ad hoc” activity. Today, venture investment is recognised as essential to creating a high growth economy driven by entrepreneurial companies. It has become a respected asset class in the global alternative investment market and is deemed an important part of any sophisticated investor’s diversified portfolio.

Venture investing refers to the funding of startups and scale ups which are believed to have long-term growth potential with high value exits. Sometimes this form of investing is referred to Angel Investing.


All investors start somewhere

At Zash, we believe everything starts somewhere. So too does becoming a successful investor, regardless of the asset class you choose to invest in. The journey begins with being intrigued by the asset class, getting excited to be a part of it, finding a brilliant community to invest with, and then deciding to participate. You have the opportunity to become an active member where you can make a significant impact not only to one venture or entrepreneur, but to many.
The choice is yours.

The next steps in being part of the Zash Investor community and ecosystem are;

  1. Venture Investors discovery –
  2. Select your VIP membership option
  3. Attend fast start workshop
  4. Develop your Venture Investment plan
  5. Select investment 1
  6. Continue to develop your investment capability
  7. Continually build your portfolio

Our Approach.

At Zash we recognise that there are many different investor profiles of both individual and professional venture investors and as such we have developed a range of Venture Investor Programs (VIP) designed to achieve their respective investment and portfolio outcomes.

We have 6 VIP’s that provide pathways for those people who have just made the decision they want to be part of this growing and exciting sector through to institutional investors who have mandates to invest part of their overall funds platform into this asset class. The first step in exploring how Zash can support you is answering the following question and then to start discovering further the VIP options for you and your investment strategy.

What type of investor are you?


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